We are a group of ham radio operators located in the Northeast Texas area operating on 147.420 Mhz. We are not a club, just a bunch of like-minded hams that enjoy two-meter simplex operation. Although most of our people are located in the Dallas metro area and around Cedar Creek Lake, we do frequently have QSO's with stations in Houston, Southern Oklahoma and Eastern Louisiana. During times of good propagation we have been known to make contacts as far away as Missouri, Kansas, and Florida, all on FM simplex.

We have been operating on 147.420 since the 1970's when part of the upper simplex portion of the band was reallocated for repeater use, causing us to move to our current location on the band.

Most all of us run some kind of amplifier, be it tube or solid-state type. Multiple large yagis, high-gain omnidirectional verticals, low loss feed line, and tall towers are standard equipment for us.

Topics of discussion vary from amateur radio to politics and everything in between. Almost anything goes as long as it's clean!  

We are on the air most every night. If you hear us feel free to jump in the QSO.

For questions or comments please contact us at :